Programs Offered

Home For My Heart

Freedom to Be is passionately committed to creating spiritual transformation for at-risk teens and children primarily through experiences in nature. With God as our Source, we offer unconditional love and careful structure to at-risk kids so they will be empowered to have the Freedom to Be all of their most positive potentials. Through experiencing the miracles of nature and through music, dramas, and other forms of transformational programming, they will find the Freedom to Be loving, peaceful, inspiring, connected, joyful, empowered, plus other wonderful ways of being. We are passionately committed to being, as Saint Francis so wonderfully described, instruments of God’s peace. Where there is hatred, we will show love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is sadness, joy. Where there is darkness, light. This is our mission.

Operation Chad

Is passionately committed to spiritual transformation within a nature setting for at-risk boys. Many kids today suffer from the nature deprivation syndrome. When they experience the positive highs that come from activities such as go cart racing, high ropes, snorkeling, unconditional love, and thoughtful structure, transformation occurs.

King’s Kids

Was created when six year old Elizabeth asked, “Do I have to wait until I’m bigger to do things for God?” Within this program children are empowered to be in ministry through doing dramas, learning their spiritual gifts, and being actively involved in making a difference in their communities. Five year old Frankie’s prayer probably best described the goal when he prayed, “Dear God, when I’m with the people, please help them to experience the gospel.”