Ellen White: We Never Knew You by Bernadine Irwin, Ph.D $9.95

This deeply moving, profoundly thought provoking portrayal of Ellen White’s early years offers insights into the forces and events that shaped her. You will find that in many respects, Ellen White was a person we never knew.

A Child Shall Lead Them by Bernadine Irwin, Ph.D. $9.95

This highly practical, delightfully creative work offers a fresh approach to releasing the power of children as ministers. Through these pages you will see how to make God’s words come true in your church. You will learn how a Child Shall Lead Them.

For the Love of Jessica by Bernadine Irwin, Ph.D. $9.95

This heartwarming story portrays the changes that occurred in the lives of gang kids after their friend Jessica was killed. Through these pages you will have the opportunity to gain a deepened understanding of the world of our at-risk youth.

Operation Chad Training Manual: A Program for the Transformation of At-Risk Youth $9.95

This book is a dynamic “how to” description that offers practical details for actually doing the type of nature retreat which Operation Chad is. Included will be the purpose, dramas, music, outdoor programming details, consent forms, etc. Everything you will need to actually do this program yourself is discussed in this manual.